“Yang Fana adalah Waktu. Kita Abadi” (Time is Transient. We are Eternal) is a theatre performance based on the investigation on how the explosion of voices and narratives (ideology, religion, and identity) in post-1998 Indonesia has created and unveiled tension and violence—both new and latent. Premiered in Yogyakarta, June, 2015.

With Rimini Protokoll co-producing “100% Yogyakarta”, as a part of German Season-Goethe Institut Indonesia, October-November 2015.

“The Streets” ( at OzAsia Festival, Adelaide, Australia, September 2015.

“Goyang Penasaran” (Obsessive Twist), a theater performance that posed a question on the economy of seeing/being seen within the intricate relationship between the sexuality discourse, politics, religion, and violence in post-1998 Indonesia. Performed in Yogyakarta (2011) and Teater Salihara, Jakarta (2012).

“Tubuh Ketiga. Pada Perayaan yang Berada di Antara.” (Third Body. On Embracing the In-Between), a dance-theatre performance about the “in-between” culture in Indonesia. Premiered in “Salihara Theatre Festival”, Jakarta-Indonesia, October (2010).

“,” a dance theatre performance developed from an intensive observation on the (urban) streets life in Indonesia. Performed in Jogja-Jakarta (2008), Shizuoka Spring Arts Festival and Atelier S-pace-Osaka (2010), OzAsia Festival, Adelaide-Australia (2015).

“Space/Scape”, a public and intervention arts project on the meaning of ‘public space’ in Yogyakarta, a collaboration project between Teater Garasi and Kunci Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta (2009).

“The King’s Witch,” (commisioned work for Tony Prabowo’s contemporary opera), Jakarta (2006).

“Mnem[a]syne,” a collaboration work with KuNa’uka Theatre Company. Co-produced by KuNauka Theatre Company and The Saison Foundation, Tokyo. Performed in Suzunary Theatre, Tokyo (2006).

“Waktu Batu #3. Deus ex Machina dan Perasaan-Perasaanku Padamu.” (Stone Time #3. Deus ex Machina and My Feelings For You). Co produced by Teater Garasi and Art Summit IV–International Festival of Performing Arts. Performed in Tokyo (2006), Berlin (2005), Jepara (2004), Singapore (2004), Jakarta (2004), Yogyakarta (2004).

“Waktu Batu#2. Ritus Seratus Kecemasan dan Wajah Siapa yang Terbelah.” (Time Stone. Rites of Hundred Angsts and Whose Disjointed Face). Performed in Jogjakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Lampung, Padangpanjang (2003).

“Waktu Batu #1; Kisah-Kisah yang Bertemu di Ruang Tunggu” (Time Stone #1; The Encountered Stories in Waiting Room), Yogyakarta (2002).

“Repertoar Hujan”(Rain Repertoire). Produced by Teater Garasi. Performed in Physical Theatre Festival-Tokyo (2005), Jogjakarta– Surakarta-Bandung – Jakarta (2001).

“Les Paravents” of Jean Genet, performed in Yogyakarta (2000), Surabaya (2000), Bandung (2000), Jakarta (2000).

“Carousel”, non-verbal performance about violence in Indonesia, Yogyakarta (1997)