Yennu Ariendra born in Banyuwangi (East Java, Indonesia) in 1977 . He is a digital artist who produced many works in music, performance, installation, graphic and video. Most of his work, depart from traditional values, history and realities that took place in Indonesia. Currently, He working at a contemporary collective ”Teater Garasi/Garage Performance Institute”, a rock band “Melancholic Bitch”, an electronic music project “Amundalu” and an experimental and collective sound laboratory ”WYST (What’s Your Story Today)”.

Artistic Experience (Selected):

Song Writer for theater production: “The Winter’s Tale” by SPAC Shizouka. Performed in Shizouka – January 2017

Composer / Song Writer for musical performance: “サーカス物語 (Das Gauklermarcheen/The Juggler’s Tale)” by SPAC Shizouka. Performed in Shizouka – November-December 2016

Composer for “Istirahatlah Kata Kata/Solo Solitude” movie, directed by Yosep Anggi Noen. Premiered in Festival del film Locarno, Switzerland – August 2016. The movie is about the dramatic journey of Widji Thukul (A poet that kidnapped and missing during Soeharto’s rezim era)

Composer for “PRANI”, an interactive performance that was inspired by the ancient “Wayang Bengkong” from Lasem (a small district in Northern part of Java). Performed by Papermoon Puppet Theater as a commissioned work from Singapore Art Museum in Singapore – August 2016

Composer / Musician / Writer for “Time is transient. We Are Eternal” performance by Teater Garasi/Garage Performance Institute. Performed in: Yogyakarta – June 2015; Jakarta – July 2016. The project is a collective work that departs from violence issues in indonesia post dictactorship of 1998

Composer / Director / Musician / Writer for “Menara Ingatan, The Myth of Blambangan” music performance. Performed in: Yogyakarta – April 2016. The project inspired from old verses of “Gandrung” (the traditional art from Banyuwangi, Indonesia) that somehow related to the politic and violence issues in Indonesia

Sound Production and Music Director for the band “FSTLVT” and “JHF” in the “100 % Yogyakarta” performance by Rimini Protokoll (Germany). Performed in Yogyakarta – November 2015

Director / Facilitator for “What The Story of Today (WYST)” workshop and performance. The workshop is about making a sound or music from the personal narration/story of participants, that somehow connected with the city where they live. Performed in Yogyakarta – November 2014.

Director / Composer / Musician / Performer for “Jalan Emas; The Game” performance. A site-specific performance about the irrational practices in order to have prosperity that happen in Indonesia. Performed in Yogyakarta – September 2014.

Composer for documentary movie: “Biji Kopi Indonesia (Aroma of Heaven)”. Premiered in Jakarta – June 2014. This movie is about the story of coffee in Indonesia.

Composer / Musician for “Sehabis Suara #1 (After The Voices #1)” by Teater Garasi. A dance-theater performance that attempts to trace and perform how the narratives/voices are interrupting, disturbing and reshaping the “subject” (individual or social) within the increasingly rhizomatic (interconnected) world. Performed in Erasmus Huis, Jakarta – March 2014.

Composer / Song Writer for musical performance: “サーカス物語 (Das Gauklermarcheen/The Juggler’s Tale)” by SPAC Shizouka. Performed in Shizouka – October-November 2013

Composer / Musician for “Lunang” puppet performance by Papermoon Puppet Theater. Performed in Yogyakarta – July 2013.

Director / Composer / Musician / Performer for “Jalan Emas” performance, Yogyakarta – May 2013. This performance is about the commercialization of hope.

Music Composer / Musician for contemporary dance performance “Memo-Lusion” with Andara F. Moeis, Jakarta – November 2012
Music Composer for “Gandamayu” by Teater Garasi and Arcana Foundation. Performed in Jakarta – September 2012.

Music Composer / Musician for “Secangkir Kopi dari Playa” puppet performance by Papermoon Puppet Theater. Performed in Yogyakarta – Desember 2011.

Music Composer / Musician for contemporary dance performance “iBody” with Andara F. Moeis, Jakarta – June 2011

Music Composer / Musician for the “Mwathirika” puppet performace by Papermoon Puppet Theater. Performed in: Yogyakarta-November 2010; Jakarta-January 2011, Singapore (2012), Several cities in USA (2012) and Darwin Fetival 2013, Australia. This Project is based on personal history of the lost that happen after the September 1965 tragedy in Indonesia.

Music Composer / Musician for the “Tubuh Ketiga; Pada Perayaan yang Berada Diantara (Third Body; Embracing in Between)” performance by Teater Garasi. The project is based on observations and studies on the idea and reality of the “third body and third space” in Indonesia. Indonesian cultures are always in an “in-between situation” or perpetually in the state of transition. Transition which is never completed, from an unfinished changing phase to another that demands hasty departure. Performed in: Jakarta (Salihara) October-2010; Yogyakarta-Maret 2011

Music Composer / Musician / Facilitator for Papermoon Puppet Theater’s workshop. The participants are high school students. They encourage to make anything creatively with something from their daily life stuff or used stuff. Esplanade, Singapore – July-August 2009

Music Composer / Musician in Melancholic B1tch project called “Balada Joni dan Susi (BJS)”, that released in November 2009 by Dialectic Recording. The Project is about the phenomenon or the situation in many areas of suburban in Indonesia and how someone deals with culture changing (modernity), government, capitalism, poverty, identity and thousand more of suburban problems in third world countries like Indonesia. Yogyakarta – November 2009

Music Composer / Musician for physical theater performance “Bocah Bajang” by Teater Garasi. This performance based on the real story about Ponari (the little magic doctor) and his magic stone, that people believe, can cure any diseases. Yogyakarta – October 2009

Music Composer / Musician / Facilitator for workshop and puppet performance. In collaboration with Snuff Puppet (Australia) and local creative artists. Yogyakarta – Juli-Agustus 2009.

Music Composer for short movie “Kuda Laut”. Yogyakarta – February 2009

Music Composer / Song Writer / Musician for Four performances of Wayang Bocor Project (Contemporary shadow puppet). “Bungkusan Hati di Dalam kulkas”, performed in Teater Salihara, Jakarta – Desember 2008. “Hidden Violent”, Yogyakarta – March 2009. “Skandal Jeruk Purut”, Padepokan Bagong Kusudiarjo, Yogyakarta – February 2010. The last project is “Perseteruan Getah Bening”, performed in LIP, Yogyakarta – April 2010.

Director / Music Composer / Musician / Writer / Performer for music performance “Ziraph; Membaca Ayat Ayat Api,” with The Opium Den, Yogyakarta – May 2008. This performance is an effort to translate Sapardi Joko Damono poets into the music. The poets are about the revolution and reformation of 1998 in Indonesia.

Music Composer for the play “the Return” by Ryuzanji Company that performed in Tokyo – March 2007. The play came from Australian writer who also directing the same title in Australia.

Music Composer / Musician for contemporary dance performance “Suwung”, with Besar Widodo, performed in Yogyakarta – September 2005 and Esplanade, Singapore – November 2007. The dance is about traditional Javanese social hierarchy; the different status between man and women.

Music Composer / Musician for the play “Mnem[a]syne”. A collaboration project between Kuna-uka and Teater Garasi, performed in Tokyo – July 2006. This project is made by the participant by sharing the things related to memory.

Music Composer / Musician in Melancholic B1tch project, called “Anamnesis” that released in August 2005 by Love Record.

Music Composer / Musician for the play “The Picnic Conductor in a Battlefield” by Ryuzanji Company, that held in Tokyo – June 2005. The play inspired from ‘Nyepi’ (Balinese Hindu Ceremonial day). One day the thief stole the sound, this imagination reflecting the condition of Japan during the 2nd world war.

Music Composer / Musician for the play “Waktu Batu III: Deus Ex-machina dan Perasaan-Perasaanku Padamu” by Teater Garasi that held in: Yogyakarta – September 2004; Jakarta (Art Summit) – September 2004; Singapura (Insomnia) – Oktober 2004; Berlin (In Transit) – June 2005; Tokyo – April 2006. The play is about the time and lifted from; the stories in Javanese mythology, the time when Indonesia was under Dutch colonialism, and modern life in Indonesia.