riskyRenowned as the singer-songwriter of Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief – a multi genre music outfit with social related issues such as ‘On a Bus’, ‘Subterfuge’ and ‘Flight to Amsterdam’, he has released three albums ‘The Place I Wanna Go’ (2009), ‘Preamble’ (2011), and ‘Pillow Talk’ 2014. Aside from being a teaching staff at Universitas Gadjah Mada, he is also a prominent figure in the Indonesia Independent Music Scene, he initiated and curated ‘Live at Teater Garasi’ since 2009 bringing cutting edge musicians to perform at Teater Garasi – an initiative that led to him being shortlisted finalist of British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Live Music Award 2014.
Risky’s works, namely The Rise and Fall of a Scoundrel Queen (2007), Memoirs of Gandari (with Slamet Gundono 2008), I Walk the Urban Streets (with Ruang Rupa 2010), and Digging Our Scene at Jogja Biennale XI (2012) have all underlined his distinctive collaborative mode. His music directions and compositions can be heard in Teater Garasi’s works such as Repertoar Hujan (2002-2005), Waktu Batu (2001-2003), Je.ja.l.an (2008-2010), Medea Media (2010), Demam dalam 50cm3 (2009), Goyang Penasaran (The Obsessive Twist – 2011), DISKO (2011) and Gandamayu (2012). He also composed the music of ‘Endchat’ – a dance number coreographed by Ajeng Fatimah, and two feature films ‘Optatissimus’ (2013), ‘Kau dan Aku Cinta Indonesia (2014).