2015 – : Masters candidate at Performing Arts and Visual Arts Studies
Universitas Gadjah Mada
1991-1996 : Universitas Gadjah Mada, French Literature (bachelor degree)
1987 : Holborn School of Art. London (summer school)
1988-1989 : Elm Park College. Stanmore. Harrow. UK
1982-1988 : William Gladstone High School. London. UK


2014-present : Co-founder and researcher at Laras – Studies of Music in Society
2012-2016 : Teaching Staff at The Department of Language, Arts and Cultural Management – Vocational College – Gadjah Mada University
2011-2012 : Televisi Republik Indnesia (TVRI Jogja) Producer and Host of talkshow ‘KOSMO’
2007-2008 : Music Curator Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Arts Festival)
2001-present : Garasi Performance Institute
Artistic Associate and Curator Live at Teater Garasi)
1998-1999 : Pelangi Research for Environment. Jakarta (Junior Researcher)


2016 : Mencari Tanah Indah (In Search of Beautiful Land) dalam Ensemble, Mozaik Musik dalam Masyarakat. Laras dan Tan Kinira Publication
2013 : ‘Membaca Happy Coda’ (Reading ‘Happy Coda’) Analysis on Frau’s Happy Coda album and performance.
2013 : “Suara suara yang bikin Penasaran” (Inquisitive Sounds) in Goyang Penasaran (The Obsessive Twist) Jakarta: Gramedia. 2013.
2004 : ‘Hikayat itu Masih Berlangsung’: Fleetwood Mac (The Saga is still on). Article on the daily KOMPAS.
2001 : Sights out of Sight (Jean Pascal-Elbaz, Agung Kurniawan co-author).


2017 “Islamic Recitation in the Music of Jatilan” International Conference on Moderate Islam. Vrije University, Amsterdam. March 2017

“Hagia and What It Does” – The Cosmopolitan Indie Music Scene. Conference on Reviving Anderson’ Cosmopolitanism. Sanatha Dharma University – Yogyakarta, Indonesia. January 2017

“Festivalizing Tragedies” The Case of Contemporary Performing Arts in Indonesia. International Graduate Student and Scholar Conference in Indonesia. Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.


Rizky Sasono, popularly known as Risky Summerbee is a musician/researcher with affiliation to Teater Garasi as residence artist since 2001.

The singer-songwriter has released three albums under the name Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief, ‘The Place I Wanna Go’ (2009), ‘Preamble’ (2011), and ‘Pillow Talk’ (2014). The multi-genre band has featured in several music festivals, namely ‘Rocking The Region – Esplanade Singapura’ (2010), RRECFEST (2011), OzAsia Festival – Adelaide, Australia (2015), Ngayogjazz (2016) among others. Along with Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief he initiated a number of hybrid performances ‘She Flies Tomorrow’ (2007), ‘The Rise and Fall of a Scoundrel Queen’ (2007), a collaborative piece with Slamet Gundono in ‘Memoirs of Gandari’ (2008), I Walk the Urban Streets (2010) with Ruang Rupa. Since 2009 runs a program ‘Live at Teater Garasi’, showcasing cutting-edge bands from Indonesia and beyond.

As a music director, he has contributed to Teater Garasi’s piece such as ‘Waktu Batu I/Time Stone I’ (2002), ‘Goyang Penasaran/The Obsessive Twist’ (2011), ‘Endgame’ (2013), and / The Streets (2008, 2010, 2015). Outside Teater Garasi’s works, he composed the music of two feature films working with director Dirmawan Hatta in ‘Optatissimus’ (2012), Kau dan aku Cinta Indonesia (2013), and a short film directed by Ninndi Raras, ‘Kitorang Basudara’ (2015). With choreographer Ajeng Fatimah Soleman, in her works ‘Endchat’ (2013), (Be)Longing (2014), and ‘Pada Batas/On The Verge’ (2015).

In 2014 co-founded LARAS – Studies of Music in Society with his colleague, a musician/researcher – Leilani Hermiasih, a research study group focusing on the entanglement of music in the society.


2015 : Moderator of ARTS and BEYOND Conference. Performing Arts and Visual Arts
Studies – The Graduate School, Universitas Gadjah Mada
2015 : Moderator on Indonesia Theater Symposium. PPPPTK Yogyakarta.
2014 : Guest Lecturer at Department of Film and Theatre – Sunway University – Malaysia on Critical Thinking in Arts
2014 : Principal Facilitator at ‘Scoring the Moment’ workshop at Karnaval 20th Anniversary Teater Garasi. Ark Galerie – Yogyakarta.
2013 : Speaker at Epic Java (Ebara Films) discussion on popular culture and urban art. Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industry
2012 : Guest Lecturer at Faculty of Sociology Gadjah Mada University on Music and Sub-Culture – Gadjah Mada University
2011 : Guest Lecturer at Universitas Atmajaya on the Resistance in Popular Culture Universitas Atmajaya Jogjakarta
2011 : WIEF Marketplace for Creative Arts at Asian Civilization Museum Singapore (World Islamic Economic Forum)
2011 : Jurnalisme Musik (Music Journalism) at Kedai Kebun Forum Jogjakarta


2015 : Rimini Protokoll (GER) and Teater Garasi (INA) Collaboration on 100% Yogyakarta
2014 : The ASEAN – ECOWAS study of Risk Reduction Management Study of Merapi. Yogyakarta – Magelang.
2013 : Workshop Facilitation of Leila Hassan Soleman (Egypt) Residency Program at Teater Garasi.
2012 : The Process and staging of Lear Dreaming – Ong Keng Sen director. Singapore Arts Festival
1999 – 2009 : Various publications of Aliansi Jurnalis Indonesia, Srisasanti Galery etc.


Initiated ‘Live at Teater Garasi’ in 2009 – a periodical music and knowledge sharing program / showcase at Garasi Performance Institute, acting as producer, curator, and host. In 2014 ‘Live at Teater Garasi’ and Risky was shortlisted as finalist of The British Council Creative Industry Initiative in the Music Field. YCE LIVE MUSIC AWARD 2014 at SCBD Jakarta.

In 2008 he was awarded the DIKTI GRANT for a literary research on the tale of Gandari. The following year he received ‘HIBAH SENI’ an arts grant from Kelola Foundation for Innovative Work in his then ongoing project ‘Memoirs of Gandari’.

Risky has also contributed to Teater Garasi / Garasi Performance Institut in gaining international reputation. In December 2013 Teater Garasi / Garasi Performance Institute was awarded PRINCE CLAUS AWARD from The Kingdom of the Netherlands. An award presented for their outstanding work and impact in South East Asia.