The Streets (The Streets) is a dance-theatre performance about life in big cities as happened in the urban streets. The life that is full of contestations and negotiations between the modern and the traditional, the cosmopolite and the countrified, the elite and the common, the dominant and the marginal. The performance also wants to show contestations between those who have different access to the capital and those who are behind and ahead of the globalization. Something one can expect to discern in a third world country like Indonesia. (The Streets) was built from the actors’ field researches and observations of everyday life in the streets, not from an existing text or play. The director-cum-choreographer turns the everyday life into a performance that is composed of multiple narrations, simultaneous movements, overlapping sequences and striking, sometimes bizarre and comical images, to express the complexities of life in the modern day.

Directed by: Yudi Ahmad Tajudin
Conceived collaboratively with actors: Bahrul Ulum, Bernadeta Verry Handayani, Citra Pratiwi, Erythrina Baskorowati, Jamaluddin Latif, Sri Qadariatin, Theodorus Christanto, visual artists: Mella Jaarsma, lighting designer: Ignatius Sugiarto, and music design and performers: Risky Summerbee & The Honeythief. (The Streets) © Teater Garasi 2008