Time Stone #3. Deus Ex Machina and My Feelings for You

Waktu Batu #3. Deus Ex Machina dan Perasaan-perasaanku Padamu (Time Stone #3. Deus Ex Machina and My Feelings for You) is a contemporary theatre work based on/inspired by (Javanese) mythologies and history, and its juxtaposition with situations of transition and the problem of ‘identity’ constructed by modernity in Indonesia. The form of the performance itself is a collage of movements, lyrical texts, gestures of everyday lives, sound-scape and video-art.

Waktu Batu #3 is a part of theatre project (not only theatre production) initiated by Teater Garasi, under the coordination of its director/artistic director: Yudi Ahmad Tajudin. As a project, Waktu Batu is based on three fundamental themes (times, transitions and identity) and texts (mythological texts, historical texts and the text/problem of modernity in Indonesian contemporary life). In terms of form, Waktu Batu is a series of theatre performances based on three basic substances: body, reflection and replica.

As a project, Waktu Batu is a sort of anthropological trace on the problem of modernity/identity in Indonesian contemporary life. From the (thematic and textual) researches and the explorations of its themes and materials, Waktu Batu project created 3 series of theatre performances (Waktu Batu #1, #2 and #3).

Waktu Batu tried to re-interpret (with)in its project three Javanese mythologies: Watugunung, Murwakala and Sudamala, that each tells about the origins of the Javanese calendar, the Javanese god of time, and the course of times as a threat in Javanese mind/culture. At the same time, Waktu Batu also based on historical text in a period of Javanese history ranging from XIV-XV century, where social and cultural transformation occurred in the mainland of Java; a period that mostly referred as the beginning of globalisation, parts of colonial centuries in the whole archipelago.

Waktu Batu #3 had been performed in: Yogyakarta, Jakarta (Art Summit International Festival), Singapore (Insomnia 48), Berlin (In Transit Festival, Hause der Kulturen der Welt), and Tokyo (Morishita Studio, sponsored by KuNauka Theatre Company and The Saison Foundation).

Actors: Andreas Ari Dwianto, Bahrun, Citra Pratiwi, Erythrina Baskoro, Hindra, Jamaluddin Latif, Naomi Srikandi, Sri ‘Uung’ Qadariatin, Theo. Christanto, Tomomi Yokosuka
Visual Artist: Jompet A.K.A Kuswidananto, Andy Seno Aji.
Music and Sound Scape: Melancholic Bitch.
Lighting Designer: Clink Sugiarto.
Visual Construction: Warsito.
Sound Engineers: Yosef Herman Susilo, Anton W.A
Costume Designers: Abraham Soekarno Puspo, Didit, Retno Ratih Damayanti.
Stage Manager: Clink Sugiarto.
Script-Writers: Andri Nurlatif, Gunawan Maryanto, Ugoran Prasad.
Production Manager: Kusworo Bayu Aji.
Director: Yudi Ahmad Tajudin