DSC_3788Repertoar Hujan (Rain Repertoire) was initially developed in 2001 derived from Gunawan Maryanto’s unfinished poem with two phrases: “a man passes in between the rain” and “a woman watering potted flowers every afternoon”.

In this project the rain and memories and much other generated by rain – a rather small and personal themes that perhaps we seldom touch – have taken corporeality as the main tool to create a wordless subtle performance. Actors use daily movement (daily behavior), dance and martial arts (extra daily behavior) and acrobatic motion (virtuoso) developed from Jatilan (folk dance of Central Java), Indramayu mask dance (West Java), Bangau Putih basic training and some of the principles movement that is processed from Butoh (Japanese).

Since its early performances, Rain Repertoire was set for compact touring with 30 times performances traveling through Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Tokyo. The 45-minute Rain Repertoire’s rework, comprising seven brief acts, was staged in Jakarta at Bentara Budaya, after the group had performed at the Physical Theater Festival at the Storehouse Building in Tokyo on November 2005.

Repertoar Hujan (Rain Repertoire) was conceived and directed by Gunawan Maryanto in collaboration with actors: Sri Qadariatin, Jamaluddin Latif, Verry Handayani, sound composer: Risky Summerbee.

Repertoar Hujan (Rain Repertoire) © Teater Garasi 2001, 2005