In this July and August, we are facilitating 6 young performing artists for an internship and residency program in Teater Garasi. They are Veronika Ratumakin (writer, director, actress from Adonara, East Flores), Antonius F. Eka Putra Nggalu (writer and co-founder of Kahe Community, Maumere, Flores), Syamsul Pranata (actor from Sampang, Madura), R. Nike Dianita Febriyanti (writer, actress, young director from Bangkalan, Madura), Komang Rosie Clynes (actress and young director from Melbourne, Australia), and Imre van den Bosch (last year student of HKU University of the Art Utrecht – Netherland).

Their first week of “Nexus of Exchange” program, was filled with tour to art communities and organizations in Yogyakarta, also to exhibitions and performances. They will also be joining Performer Studio (6 weeks course on performing arts and actorship, which will be started on July 17). Together with other Performer Studio participants, selected from an open call, they will form into two groups to create a small performances that will be presented on the 20th of August, 2017.