Ensembles Asia Orchestra and Teater Garasi supported by Laras – Studies of Music in Society presents:

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Studio Teater Garasi, Jl Jomegatan, Nitiprayan 164B, Yogyakarta

3.30 PM
Public Discussion
Discussing Ensembles Asia Orchestra Project: Participatory Music Making with Citizens of Small Cities in Asia

Otomo Yoshihide
Morinaga Yasuhiro
Arima Keiko

Moderator: Rizky Sasono

7.30 PM
Music Performance by
Wyst Collective (Asa Rahmana, Lintang Raditya, Nadya Hatta, Iqbal Lubys, Yennu Ariendra) featuring Ensembles Asia Orchestra

In our contemporary society, which is ever more globalized, the idealistic concept of multiculturalism, which says that “peace will come to the world if we respect other cultures,” seems to have come to a dead end. With this global circumstances in view, Ensembles Asia Orchestra tries to work out and continue to propose the performance of music as a means of building new forms of human relationships and forging agreements.

Ensembles Asia Orchestra is an attempt to work out new methods for creating a single unit while having people from diverse backgrounds respect one another, an ambitious project that proposes a new vision for international cultural exchange in the midst of globalization.

Unlike ordinary orchestras, which seek to improve their technique or give correct performances, Ensembles Asia Orchestra has put on programs with the general public, programs that anyone can participate in, irrespective of whether they have instruments or experience. In performing with people who have no experience with music or performing in a non-technical way with people who may have such experience, we have returned to the basic question of what music is and have carried out a variety of activities to investigate the nature of music.

In attempt to explore the idea, Ensembles Asia Orchestra in partnership with Teater Garasi, and supported by Laras – Studies of Music in Society, present a public discussion and performance entitled “MUSIC: AN ENCOUNTER”

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